Types of Tinnitus

Types of Tinnitus

Our brains and nervous systems are all different, so it’s no surprise that individuals experience tinnitus differently. Here is a list of various tinnitus tones. (Before playing the sound samples, please lower your speaker volume as a precaution. Adjust up as needed.)

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What does tinnitus sound like?

Electric Tone

You’re adjusting the dial on your radio, and it’s between stations.

Screeching Tone

The sound of a blade being sharpened on an electric knife sharpener.

7500Hz Tone

What you expect a dog whistle to sound like. The kind of high-pitched sound you’d think could shatter a champagne glass.

Static Tone

You hit the wrong TV remote button, and see (and hear) electronic chaos.

Buzzing Tone

You keep thinking the radiator is leaking steam.

Roaring Tone

It could be the wind, or Niagara Falls.

Tea Kettle Tone

Similar to “Buzzing,” but more insistent, with some static noise mixed in.