Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repair

Even with the best care, your hearing aids will likely need a few repairs over the course of their lifetime. Some hearing aid repairs are easy enough to do at home, though others may require the help ofyour Audiologist within Audiology Innovations.

By understanding the common causes for hearing aid malfunctions, you may be able to perform many hearing aid repairs yourself, even when you’re on the go! This knowledge can also help you determine when to see an audiologist in Largo for a repair. Here’s a look at some malfunctions you may encounter with your hearing aids and what solutions to try:

Weak sound or no sound

Quiet-sounding or nonfunctional hearing aids are often the result of a dead battery, clogged microphone, blocked speaker or dirty wax guard/filter. If replacing the battery doesn’t help resolve the problem, clean the microphone and speaker areas with a tool and replace the wax filter/guard if it’s dirty or clogged.

Feedback, background noise or whistling

These issues can result from an earwax blockage in your canal or an improperly placed device. Before you attempt any repairs, try taking out and reinserting your hearing aid. If this doesn’t work, clean the interior and exterior of your device with a dry cloth or cleaning tool.

Altered or distorted sound

First, make sure your hearing aid is set to “microphone” and not “telecoil.” If the setting is not the problem, this issue is probably related to your hearing device’s battery. You can try replacing the battery as well as carefully cleaning the battery’s surface along with the battery contacts and interior battery compartment with a dry cloth or cleaning tool.

If your hearing aid isn’t working, and none of these quick troubleshooting tips help, please come visit us at Audiology Innovations. We will run tests, perform a professional cleaning and assess any problems we find. In some cases, we can repair the problem right at our clinic. Other times, we may need to send your hearing aid to the manufacturer for repair.