Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid accessories are a great tool for getting the most from your devices in every situation. Today’s digital hearing aids have so many available features and functions that can be fully utilized with the help of different types of hearing aid accessories. Whether you want to stay connected, improve your listening, or extend your hearing aids’ lifespan, talk with Audiology Innovations to determine which hearing aid accessories would be most beneficial to you.


Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Assistive listening devices are personal amplification systems that transmit sound directly to your ears in challenging listening environments. There are several different types of ALDs and other personal amplifiers including small portable microphone hearing aid accessories, FM systems and infrared systems. ALDs have two parts: one component, placed near the speaker or source of sound, contains a microphone and transmitter; the other component, which is worn near your ear, contains a receiver and speaker.

Cleaning Tools, Dehumidifiers and Filters

Keeping your hearing aids clean and maintained is the only way to ensure they continue working their best. Hearing aid cleaning tools and kits are available for all types of devices. Overnight dehumidifiers are also a great way to ensure your devices stay dry and protected from moisture in the environment as well as earwax and other potentially damaging substances. Your devices may also use disposable wax filters or guards, which sound be replaced once they become clogged to prevent sound distortion.


Hearing aid batteries are a necessity for all wearers, and you should always have several extrabatteries on hand in different places. There are a few different sizes of hearing aid batteries available, and they are color coded to make it easy to remember which ones you should buy. Hearing aid batteries can be purchased online, at many drug stores and at your audiologist’s office.

Bluetooth® Accessories

Wireless connectivity is very important in today’s technological world and hearing aids are no exception! Audiology Innovations has a wide variety of hearing aid accessories that allow you to connect to all of the devices important to your life, including your smartphone, TV, computer, in-car entertainment system, MP3 player and more.