The Bottom Line: Find Relief

My story of tinnitus—and finding relief—was a circuitous journey. It didn’t begin directly with tinnitus symptoms, but rather with symptoms of hyperacusis, an oversensitivity to certain frequencies and volumes of sound. My tinnitus and hyperacusis symptoms developed gradually, over a period of a few years. They came on so slowly that I don’t even remember.. read more →

Can’t speak highly enough.

Dear Doctor Pat, I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Patricia Harrington. When you get hearing aids, there is a very important period of adjustment and education about their use. Dr. Harrington was infinitely patient in making certain that they fit perfectly and I fully understood how to use them. Whenever there was the slightest.. read more →

Long Road Traveled

Dear Doctor Pat, Well, it’s been a long road we’ve traveled together. Lesser practitioners have abandoned me by the wayside, others have managed to extract various amounts of charges for their non-productive services. None had achieved any great degree of success. That is..Until the day I arrived for my initial appointment with you. Professional and.. read more →

Damaged Diva

Dear Doctor Pat, It’s me, Michelle ‘Damaged Diva’ Garcia-Alatorre. I just wanted to thank you so much for your help this past 2+ years during my recovery from head injury and resulting partial hearing loss in my right ear. With your guidance and expertise in getting me the appropriate hearing aid (Widex Clear w/MDex controller).. read more →